Is a Destination Wedding right for you and your Guests?

There may be certain people, such as close family or friends that you would want to be able to attend your destination wedding?

So we suggest that you check with these guests to see if attending your Destination Wedding is possible for them. Below is a sample of an email/letter that you could send to your guests prior to making your final decision on having a Destination Wedding.
My fiancé and I are in the process of planning our wedding. Our desire is to have a Destination Wedding in a tropical location.

Being with our friends and family is important to us, so we want to get your thoughts on whether you could attend, given the following "generalized" information:

- It will likely require a 2- or 3-night travel package requiring either a Friday or a Monday (or both) off from work. We are planning on being married “insert date”. Children are welcome.

- Estimated travel expenses start from “insert B.C. Travel Company quote” per person, including airfare, hotel accommodations, transfers to and from the airport, and taxes.

Having a Destination Wedding would be the perfect way to start our lives together, having friends and family with us as we celebrate our union is important as well so before we make our decision we would love to hear from you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Group Reservations versus B.C. Travel Company Wholesale Rates: What’s best for you and your guest?

Our bridal clients often ask for our help in determining if making a group reservation is better than taking advantage of B.C. Travel Company wholesale rates. In order for you to better understand your options; we feel it is important to outline the pros and cons for each option.

Group Reservations

Often these rates are higher than negotiated wholesale rates
A signed contract is required*
A non refundable deposit is required prior to the signing of the contract*
A deposit for each room/person is required usually within ten days after the contract is signed*
Contracts have cancellation penalties*
Contracts may have financial penalties if all contracted rooms are not utilized*
Generally recommended if your wedding is over a holiday or school vacation timeframe
Generally recommended if your wedding is at a small resort that may become sold out prior to all of your guests reserving their rooms
If guests deviate from the contracted block (dates) they could be required to pay a deviation fee, i.e. you contract for rooms Friday to Monday, guests want to go Thursday to Monday
Your guests that do not book through B.C. Travel Company, or choose to stay at a nearby resort, will not be counted towards the contracted commitment

Wholesale Rates

This is not recommended for weddings during peak travel times such as holidays or spring break
This is not recommended for weddings at small resorts that may become sold out prior to all of your guests reserving their rooms
No signed contract is required with non refundable deposit
Deposit only required at time of individual guest booking
No minimum number of rooms required
Best way to go using B.C. Travel Company destination wedding email or invitation cards to encourage guests early booking with preferred resort information
Total flexibility for guests travel dates
Less stressful
* Required by Resort / Hotel / Wholesaler