It seems like the process of getting married is full of planning and analyzing different options for your special day. One thing that shouldn't be a hassle to plan is your honeymoon! Here are some tips from B.C. Travel Company on how to make planning your honeymoon as easy as possible.


  1. Consider a packaged vacation getaway
    When you book a packaged vacation getaway that includes airfare, resort costs, airport transfers/rental car, and other items, you save a lot of time and money. It gives you the type of "one stop shopping" that you need during the busy wedding planning period.

  2. Figure out a budget
    Weddings can be very expensive, so a lot of couples don't have a lot of money left over for the honeymoon. Make sure to include the honeymoon in your wedding budget. The honeymoon is an important time to unwind and take time for just the two of you, so you should budget a certain amount for that time together, along with hall fees, tux rentals, and everything else involved with a wedding.
  3. What type of trip do you want?
    The process of planning and holding a wedding and reception can be quite hectic. After the experience, some couples just want to relax and lay on the beach. Others like to unwind in different ways, like going to an amusement park or partying the night away. Figure out how active you are going to want to be, and you'll be able to focus on destinations that fit your plans.
  4. Check the weather
    Another thing to consider when choosing your destination is the weather. Is it going to be hot, cool, hurricane season? What is the average rainfall of a certain destination in the month of your honeymoon? These are all factors that you'll want to consider when choosing where to go.
  5. Contact a travel agent
    Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, and between coordinating schedules with the hall, wedding party, flowers…well, you get the picture. A travel agent can do all of the research for you, helping you find the best prices and the amenities that you are looking for. The time you save and expertise that they offer can relieve a lot of stress for many couples.
  6. Look for "off-season" prices
    One common misconception is that "off-season" means "weather problems". This isn't always true. Sometimes the travel patterns of families, conventions, and other groups like spring break students can affect what is considered "peak" and "off" season. Depending on the date of your wedding and departure, you can find some great deals.
  7. Consider travel time
    In order to maximize your vacation time, and reduce the amount of fatigue that travel will add after the big day, you may want to consider traveling to destinations that are closer to you. If you live on the East Coast, consider Florida and the Caribbean. On the West Coast, Mexico, Las Vegas, California and Hawaii are all close.
  8. Look for "specials"
    Often, some of the top all-inclusive resorts and honeymoon destinations will offer special prices and inclusions on honeymoon packages. Or, there just might be general sales in effect. Either way, special offers can be a way for you to make your dollar go farther on your honeymoon.
  9. Consider staying at an "all-inclusive"
    All-inclusive resorts offer many advantages to the honeymooner. They are especially helpful for budgeting total costs, because in many cases all meals, drinks, and entertainment are included. Some activities are not included at certain resorts, and some do not include drinks. Be sure to ask questions on everything that is and isn't included, just to be safe. Also read Staying at an All-inclusive.
  10. Let everyone know that you're on a honeymoon!
    Be sure to let everyone, from the person that you are making the reservation with to the check-in and wait staff, know that you are on your honeymoon! Often, you will receive little extras that will help to make your trip extra special!